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V/A-Psycedelic States: Kentucky, Vol. 1 &2 V/A Psycedelic States: Kentucky, Vol. 1 &2
24 never before compiled tracks from the Bluegrass State of Kentucky.
2CD 16,50 €
VIBRAVOID-Zeitgeist Generator VIBRAVOID Zeitgeist Generator
16th studio album of OP ART ROCK by psychedelic/acid rock band from the underground of Düsseldorf. In the late 1980s Vibravoid merged the local Krautrock with the psychedelic rock of the years 1966-67: Kraftwerk, NEU!, CAN, The Electric Prunes, The Pink Floyd, The Byrds, The Seeds and The Stooges inspired them. Recorded in 2020, bandleader Dr. Koch played all instruments, recorded on an 8-track tape machine, produced and designed the sleeve.
CD 14,00 €
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