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RE-STONED-Chronoclasm RE-STONED Chronoclasm
Moscow based instrumental psychedelic power trio offer heavily fuzzed sound and reliance on muscular riffing in 70's style, reminiscent of Colour Haze, Monkey3, Machine. Russian reissue.
CD 17,00 €
RENAISSANCE-Sheherazade And Other Stories RENAISSANCE Sheherazade And Other Stories
ESOTERIC  Upcoming
Remastered edition, featuring twelve additional tracks, live tracks from January 1976 recorded in Nottingham, plus previously unreleased studio outtakes. DVD includes a previously unreleased live promotional film from 1976.
2CD+DVD 35,00 €
RUDI TCHAIKOVSKY-The Castles Equivalent RUDI TCHAIKOVSKY The Castles Equivalent
Yes and Genesis-like progressive rock and British neo-classicism. Extended complex tracks, keyboard and guitar interplay and unusual lyrics. From 1975.
CD 16,00 €
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