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LAND OF KUSH-Sand Enigma LAND OF KUSH Sand Enigma
Sam Shalabi's orchestra is back with its first album since 2013, a acute and accomplished big-band composition, with the orchestra on fire as they stir up a melting pot of Middle Eastern, jazz, rock, modern classical, freaknoise, electronics, folkloric sources and sound art.
CD 16,50 €
LATTEMIELE 2.0-Paganini Experience LATTEMIELE 2.0 Paganini Experience
The return album of Italian 70s prog-rock outfit is dedicated to the "Devil's Violin" Niccolò Paganini. A dark character, wrapped in mystery, charismatic, with a gloomy aspect. The album is a journey that portrays the life of Paganini, from his birth in Genoa on 27 October 1782 until his death in 1840.
CD 16,50 €
LOCAL STORE-Magpie And The Moon LOCAL STORE Magpie And The Moon
Debut album by Norwegian band influenced by a.o. '60s psychedelic pop, the early '70s underground folk movement and the Canterbury Scene, think a blend of Caravan and Simon & Garfunkel. Comes in a three-panel digipack.
CD 19,00 €
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